Project summary

The E-MARSHAL project, formally known as IGCP-585, builds upon the extremely successful IGCP-511 project (Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences) which ended in 2009. As with its predecessor, the IGCP-585 project will focus on facilitating the interaction of scientists, engineers, industry and government representatives, and other parties interested in submarine mass movements and their geohazard potential, especially those from historically under-represented countries.

IGCP-585 goals:
  • Strengthen cooperation with deep subsurface sampling and monitoring programmes and eventually lobby within these programmes to create awareness into the topic of submarine slope failures that might lead to drilling and/or monitoring proposals being funded.
  • Provide a lobbying platform for E-MARSHAL members to national and international funding agencies to fund scientific projects in this research topic.
  • Promote the publication of scientific articles and books on this submarine geohazard that contribute to the following societally relevant problems:
    • Identification of the causes of submarine landslides and their consequences
    • Provide advice on mitigating their impacts
    • Provide data (frequency, magnitude, …) that allow probabilistic approaches to the geohazard from submarine landslides and therefore a better management of the seafloor and coastal areas.
  • Promote events that enhance the exchange of results and scientific ideas on the problems above.
  • Provide knowledge transfer to developing countries
  • Improve the links between academia, industry and public administrations in order to create partnerships to address the topic of geohazards from submarine landslides and to develop methods for transferring knowledge to end-users.